The Only Depeche Mode Fan in San Antonio de Areco

In January 2011 I headed for San Antonio de Areco, a town in the northwest of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, accompanied by a dear friend from the United Sates who also loves the band and their music. We had a great time, this being our first visit to this unique country place.

One morning we were doing some shopping and chanced to visit a general goods store. My friend and I took separate ways to have a look at different stands. After some time, I found him looking for some specific items with a smile on his face. He let me know there was a guy in the store wearing a Depeche Mode sweatshirt. He even guided me in the direction of the young man, who happened to be one of the shop assistants.

He proclaimed to be the only DM fan in Areco. We got into talking and I was pleased to find out that we had both been at all DM venues in Buenos Aires. Velez Sarsfield DM´s first concert back in 1992, Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires in 2010 and Alan Wilder´s concert at Niceto Club. We shared some wonderful memories and the thrill of having been at all these amazing concerts without even knowing each other.

I would very much like to know if he is really the only fan in Areco. Maybe I will know ... some day.

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