When we look up the word HOME in the dictionary, there are two basic definitions. It is the place where one lives or the place where something flourishes or from which it is originated.

In the case of this unique band, Depeche Mode, HOME is them, as we, followers, are inspired by and identified with their message and music, and maybe without them knowing, we are able to confirm our feelings and ideas, and give new meaning to our lives by taking different roads, trying new ways of expressing ourselves, not being afraid of what we may find on the way.

HOME is also Depeche Mode´s 33rd UK single, released on June 16, 1997, and belongs to the band´s album ULTRA. It´s a ballad of mesmerizing strings and, indeed, a fan favourite. The single version possesses an ambient intro. It was included in the setlist of the amazing Touring the Angel World Tour.

The video of HOME was not directed by Anton Corbijn, but by Steve Green. It shows an alien exploring an apartment complex.

Here is HOME´s original video. 

Original video

And here is HOME´s lyrics:

HOME / Lyrics

Here´s a song from the wrong side of town
Where I´m bound to the ground by the loneliest sound
And it pounds from within and is pinning me down

Here is a page from the emptiest stage
A cage of the heaviest cross ever made
A gauge of the deadliest trap ever laid

And I thank you for bringing me here 
For showing me home
For singing these tears
Finally I´ve found that I belong here

The heat and the sickliest sweet smelling sheets
that cling to the backs of my knees and my feet
Well I´m drowned in time to a desperate beat

And I thank you for bringing me here
For showing me home
For singing these tears
Finally I´ve found that I belong

Feels like home
I should have known
From my first breath

God send the only true friend I call mine
Pretend that I´ll make amends the next time
Befriend the glorious end of the line

And I thank you for bringing me here
For showing me home
For singing these tears
Finally I´ve found that I belong here.




These are two very powerful songs included in the Playing the Angel album by DM of 2005, but have different composers. Precious was created by eternal songwriter, Martin Gore; Suffer Well was composed by Dave Gahan and his buddies Phillpot and Eigner.

Precious is DM´s forty-first single, released on October 1st, 2005. It is considered a song of understanding addressed to Martin´s children, affected by his recent divorce. The chorus seems in itself a declaration of repentance. With this in mind, the song takes on much more meaning and to many it is the highlight of this album.

Beautifully interpreted by Dave Gahan with a simple, delicate musical arrangement which makes the song precious.

The original video by director Uwe Flade, shows a computer generated cruise ship starring Gahan, Gore and Fletcher.

Precious and fragile things
Need special handling
My God what have we done to you?

We always try to share
The tenderest of care
Now look what we have put you through ...

Things get damaged
Things get broken
I thought we´d manage
But words left unspoken
Left us so brittle
There was so little left to give

I pray you learn to trust
Have faith in both of us
And keep room in your heart for two.

CHORUS (same as before)

Precious / Video

Suffer Well, DM´s 43rd single, released March 27, 2006, was Dave Gahan´s gift to Playing the Angel. It seems Dave was ready to roll as a composer and, fuelled by his solo undertakings,  threatened Martin with quitting the band, if he couldn´t contribute with his own songs. As Martin gave in, a great song was born. The music was created by Andrew Phillpott and Christian Eigner, who were already working with Dave in his solo projects. Some fans are still wondering how many other great songs we must have missed before Dave finally decided to rebel. Better late than never.

Many believe it is a haunting song that speaks about disappointment and recrimination, death and suicide. In 1996, Dave almost died of a drug overdose and went through a 2-minute death situation. In a first stanza he seems to be talking to someone who deserted him when he was going down the road, getting trapped by heroin. In a second stanza he refers to his narrow escape from death and the finding of love. In the end, it is a song of hope: life is hard but you can still hang on there.

In the song, Dave may have hinted at his wife Jennifer being the angel in his life, as she appears both as an angel and as herself in the industrial video filmed by Anton Corbijn, December 2006.

Suffer Well/Lyrics
Where were you when I fell from grace
Frozen heart, an empty space
Something´s changing, it´s in your eyes
Please, don´t speak, you´ll only lie
I found treasure not where I thought
Peace of mind can´t be bought
Still I believe.

I just hang on
Suffer well
Sometimes it´s hard
It´s hard to tell

An angel led me when I was blind
I said take me back, I´ve changed my mind
Now I believe
From the blackest room, I was torn
You called my name, our love was born
So I believe

CHORUS (twice)

Suffer Well Remix



Religion, faith, higher love, mercy, condemnation, sinners, sisters of night, judases. Martin Gore´s depicting in his songs what it means to cross the line, the limits, embracing instinct or surrendering to love, whether this love is sinful or unique. In his earlier compositions, long before Songs of Faith and Devotion, Martin focused on people´s newfound interest in personalized religions, the "flesh and bone by the telephone", making understanding and forgiveness accessible, a reflection of those times.

Again, the official video is very good but, when I´m down in the dumps or I want to dance and smile, smile and dance, I go back to this amazing version of Personal Jesus, with Dave´s energy and sense of fun, Martin´s unusual trousers with legs joined by a strap, Fletch´s good looks and those amazing women in the choir. It´s a very powerful rendering by DM. Highly recommended.




Many years have gone by since the release of Songs of Faith and Devotion and Depeche Mode never fails to include Walking In My Shoes in their tour track list. It is one of their best songs and one that singer Dave Gahan identifies with. In the video that accompanies the CD of Songs ..., Alan Wilder remembers the time when they were going to record the song. It was thought Martin Gore was going to sing it but Dave requested to be the one to interpret it with Martin in back vocals. The original video of Walking ... is one of Anton Corbijn´s masterpieces.

It is always exciting to hear the starting notes on the keyboard in a DM concert but it´s also a pleasure to listen to the song in a studio rehearsal.

Enjoy ...

What I have enjoyed most about this video is to try to guess why Dave Gahan starts the rehearsal with his scarf on, but at different moments of the shoot his scarf magically disappears from his neck. Either the scarf had a vanishing quality or Dave was suffering from hot flushes (?), or there was more than one rehearsal of this song and scenes from two shots were edited. It was so much fun to watch.


Waiting for the Night / Lyrics

Waiting for the Night Video (Studio Version)

Waiting for the Night / Lyrics
by Martin Gore

I´m waiting for the night to fall (2)
I know that it will save us all
When everything´s dark
Keeps us from the stark reality

I´m waiting for the night to fall (2)
When everything is bearable
And there in the still
All that you feel is tranquility

There is a sound in the calm
Someone is coming to harm
I press my hands to my ears
It´s easier here to forget fears

And when I squinted
The world seemed rose-tinted
And angels appeared to descend
To my surprise
With half-closed eyes
Things looked even better
Than when they were open

Been waiting for the night to fall
I knew that it would save us all
Now everything´s dark
Keeps us from the stark reality

Been waiting for the night to fall
Now everything is bearable
And here in the still
All that you feel is tranquility

I love waiting for the night, literally and figuratively

An unforgettable remix for an unforgettable song. Happy anniversary DM.

Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth - Original Video

To celebrate 21 years of the release of Violator I want to take a new look at the original video of Policy of Truth, one of the majestic songs of the album. Interesting story of love and deceit involving the original four members of the band.

The Only Depeche Mode Fan in San Antonio de Areco

In January 2011 I headed for San Antonio de Areco, a town in the northwest of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, accompanied by a dear friend from the United Sates who also loves the band and their music. We had a great time, this being our first visit to this unique country place.

One morning we were doing some shopping and chanced to visit a general goods store. My friend and I took separate ways to have a look at different stands. After some time, I found him looking for some specific items with a smile on his face. He let me know there was a guy in the store wearing a Depeche Mode sweatshirt. He even guided me in the direction of the young man, who happened to be one of the shop assistants.

He proclaimed to be the only DM fan in Areco. We got into talking and I was pleased to find out that we had both been at all DM venues in Buenos Aires. Velez Sarsfield DM´s first concert back in 1992, Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires in 2010 and Alan Wilder´s concert at Niceto Club. We shared some wonderful memories and the thrill of having been at all these amazing concerts without even knowing each other.

I would very much like to know if he is really the only fan in Areco. Maybe I will know ... some day.