Many years have gone by since the release of Songs of Faith and Devotion and Depeche Mode never fails to include Walking In My Shoes in their tour track list. It is one of their best songs and one that singer Dave Gahan identifies with. In the video that accompanies the CD of Songs ..., Alan Wilder remembers the time when they were going to record the song. It was thought Martin Gore was going to sing it but Dave requested to be the one to interpret it with Martin in back vocals. The original video of Walking ... is one of Anton Corbijn´s masterpieces.

It is always exciting to hear the starting notes on the keyboard in a DM concert but it´s also a pleasure to listen to the song in a studio rehearsal.

Enjoy ...

What I have enjoyed most about this video is to try to guess why Dave Gahan starts the rehearsal with his scarf on, but at different moments of the shoot his scarf magically disappears from his neck. Either the scarf had a vanishing quality or Dave was suffering from hot flushes (?), or there was more than one rehearsal of this song and scenes from two shots were edited. It was so much fun to watch.

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