This is the Modemates bank but you need no bank account

I never thought I´d start a Depeche Mode mates blog while waiting for Alan Wilder´s concert in Buenos Aires, in Niceto Club, Palermo, on Thursday, November 4th. It´s a dream come true: both the blog and Alan´s visit.

Just a year ago, for the second time in my life, I was lucky to see Depeche Mode. It was at Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires, on October 17th. The first time, Alan had been in the band. Not this second time. But fate is generous. In two days, I will be able to enjoy Alan´s unique style of music and see his incomparable profile and friendly smile.

Welcome to BA, Alan. You will be loved and listened to with the respect that your talent deserves. Thanks for coming and making our lives special and our spirit lighter.

Much love to Alan and to all the mates who happen to join the blog.

Maria Darcy

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